Michael Strahan’s ‘Baby Rocket Launch’ Prank


Relax! It's not a real baby!

That's what the producers of "Live! With Kelly and Michael" were no doubt writing when they hit "Reply All" to the tons of confused emails that deluged their inbox overnight, after a very, um, surprising moment from Tuesday's show, where it appeared that ex-NFL star Michael Strahan flipped the script on an "exercise with your baby" segment and decided that kid needed to go long.

Of course, it was just a gag, and a good enough gag that they needed to replay it during Wednesday's host chat segment ... even if just to watch Kelly's jaw drop all over again, in slo-mo!

Kelly was the perfect mark for this prank, since the moment she got paired up with her real live baby co-star, an adorable little bundle named Delilah, she was instantly infatuated, and completely missed the moment when producers swapped out Mike's tyke for a plastic baby doll.

A just-now-recovering Ripa narrated the instant replay: "I'm exercising and playing with Delilah, and all of a sudden, I see Michael Strahan rocket launch his baby into the air!"

Michael shrugged as he joked, "Well, the baby said he wanted to go higher!"

Kelly, who clearly wasn't too psyched to be the prankee instead of the pranker, as in the golden days of Regis, got the last word, crossing her arms and pouting, "Everybody's such a sicko here!"

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