They Met on Zzz-Harmony


"Access Hollywood Live": Car accidents are the worst, so I definitely feel bad for Mayim Bialik! But I wonder what would have happened if Michael Stoyanov, the guy who played her paramedic brother Anthony on "Blossom", would have showed up when they called the paramedics. Would that have somewhat taken away the pain of nearly losing a hand? Does he even know anything about being a real paramedic? Did Blossom ruin that piano by dancing on it? I have so many questions and my best friend Six isn't around to help me answer them!

"GMA": A ha ha! I love the accidental sleepy subway cuddler! She looked pretty embarrassed, but the total stranger she snuggled up to seemed to take it in stride. They actually make a cute couple! Not the most textbook way to meet people, but hey, who says it can't work. Plus, they can tell everyone they met on Zzz-harmony...

"Live! with Kelly": Well, of COURSE a dreamboat like Bradley Cooper would own a rescue dog. (One more thing we have in common, Brad! Just sayin'...) But to bring her onto live TV to help promote hardworking, life-saving canine rescue organizations everywhere? Swoon! And to encourage all of you out there to contact your local shelter, rescue group or humane society? Well that almost makes up for "Hangover 2" all by itself. Thanks Bradley!

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