The Message Of The Moustache


"Ellen": After seeing how much fun Taylor Swift had at her tea party with Sophia Grace and Rosie, it made me wanna go to a tea party. Come to think of it, I don't think I've had a proper tea party since kindergarten. In fact, I think everyone should have lots of tea parties, all the time! You guys, let's band together and start a Tea Party movement! Wait, what do you mean, that name's already taken?

"Wendy Williams": Wendy Williams and Nikki Boyer, that's quite a tandem. If they were a singing duo they'd be like Simon and Garfunkel. If they were superheros they'd be like Batman and Robin. If they were talk show hosts they would be like Regis and Kelly. Wait, they are talk show hosts, so I guess they're like Wendy and Nikki. But you get my drift, they make a great team!

"Today": Dear Seussian faithful: We here at "Daytime in No Time" apologize that Diane was wearing a black moustache today during "The Lorax" tribute with Danny DeVito and Matt Lauer, and not a traditional yellow one. We work on a tight deadline with a small budget, and hope you understand that the message of the moustache is not deterred by its color. Thank you, The Management.

"Access Hollywood Live": I get why they showed celebrities with Leap Day birthdays looking like babies instead of the pre-teens that they supposedly are. It's just easier and more effective to put an adult face on the body of a baby. But it's not accurate and just feels lazy. Maybe this is a sign that the whole joke about someone being only ten when they're actually 40 is just played out, even if it is only used every four years!

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