Matthew McConaughey’s wedding compound


Today”: I guess you could call this a "highlight" of the fourth hour... in a wild animal segment, Kathie Lee Gifford got to meet something she called a "Bird-Eating Tarantula". What a coincidence, KLG: that's what he said about meeting you!

The View”: Matthew McConaughey talked about his wedding and how they built a makeshift compound on his property! He said the guests stayed in air-conditioned tents for three days as they were "held captive." Some might call that a pretty cool wedding, but I would call being held captive by Matthew on his ranch something else... heaven!

Wake Up with Al”: With more snow in the Midwest comes more dogs-playing-in-snow videos, so at least there's a silver lining in all that terrible weather! And while people in the heartland yearn for warmer weather, I yearn for videos of dogs playing in sprinklers so I feel their pain. I just can't decide what was more adorable on today's show, the dog playing in the snow or Walter Cronkite!

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