Mariah Carey Is Less Fun on TV Now That She Knows the Internet Is Making Fun of Her

The Set

Mariah Carey was back on the Home Shopping Network last night, selling jewelry, only now it's less fun (or just...different) because she knows how much bloggers love to, hmm, let's say, "showcase" her special HSN appearances. And it's not one of those usual things where a celebrity loudly proclaims that they don't look at the internet and then says something that makes it clear that they think the entire thing is just a place where people go to vaguely talk about them in "chat rooms" or something. No, Mariah is not vague: she not only knows her HSN gigs are being edited, she even doles out "edit points" to the sites and bloggers who cut videos of her trying to figure out where to look or who to listen to.

Foremost Carey video-editor (among many other pursuits) Rich Juzwiak (see his excellent Mariah/HSN editing work last Thanksgiving) took the bait, if you can call it taking the bait when his post both praises Mariah's sense of humor while bemoaning the loss of the "innocence" that made her HSN gigs so fun. Here's Mariah Carey at her most self-aware, and the poor Home Shopping Network hostess who seems totally bewildered by all the internet talk: