Marcia Gay Harden, Nia Vardalos, and Amy Acker Are About to Provide Guest Services

The Set

Actors have day jobs, but with an eye on a paycheck, a fun day's work, or an Outstanding Guest Actor Emmy, they moonlight in TV guest roles, too. Here are a few performers (and one non-performer) who will soon provide their Guest Services.

Actor: Marcia Gay Harden
Day Job: Movie star, recurring FBI agent Star Morrison on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit"
Guest-Starring On: "Body of Proof"
Role: A Nancy Grace-esque cable news host in an episode inspired by the Casey Anthony case.
Pros: We already saw her do icy outrage AND a Southern accent in "Whip It," which was amazing.
Cons: Why isn't Harden headlining her OWN primetime drama?

Actor: Nia Vardalos
Day Job: Sometime actor, screenwriter (most recently, with Tom Hanks, of "Larry Crowne"), star of a new ABC Studios comedy built especially for her
Guest-Starring On: "Grey's Anatomy"
Role: A Seattle Grace patient bickering with her sister, who will be played by former "Frasier" star Peri Gilpin
Pros: She and Gilpin will probably get to be funny, instead of landing in one of the show's super-bummer storylines.
Cons: This show is a sinking ship, and we all know it.

Actor: Amy Acker
Day Job: Until recently(-ish), she was a series regular on "Happy Town," from which she went on to join the pilot of USA's "Common Law," only to be recast
Guest-Starring On: "Grimm"
Role: Lena, the Black Widow, who kills her husbands to suck out their life and maintain her youth and beauty
Pros: "Grimm" will return her to the sci-fantasy realm, where her fans from her various Joss Whedon projects will be most likely to see her.
Cons: Back to the genre ghetto, sigh. With her period looks, her people should be getting her on "Mad Men" or at least "Pan Am"!