So Many Awesome Things About Richard Simmons


"Ellen": Isn't that stop-motion jellybean music video unbelievable? It took 288,000 Jelly Belly jelly beans to finish (minus whatever they ate along the way) according to the director, and verified by our "DiNT" in-house bean counters. You can see the whole amazing video by doing a quick Yahoo! search for "Kina Grannis In Your Arms video". It's beany, baby!

"Regis and Kelly": Wow, either Steve Carell is a really good actor, or he gets way too attached to his daytime TV hosts. I don't think I've seen a meltdown that bad since Michael Scott left Scranton. And it was also nice to see Reeg sing with Tony Bennett! They belted out "The Best Is Yet To Come", so now Regis can cross "duet with Tony" off his Bennett Bucket List!

"The View": It was very clever of the producers to have Elizabeth Hasslebeck switch places on the couch so she was sitting right next to Bill Maher during his interview. Since their "Views" couldn't be further apart and she can get a little feisty, it made for some great television! There was only a few inches between them but it was pure tension that could have been cut with a knife. I thought Barbara was going to have to jump and break them up at one point! But if anything major would have happened, I'm sure Shaq could have come out from backstage and kept things in order, 'cuz that guy's huge!

"Wendy Williams": There were so many awesome things about Richard Simmons' appearance that I don't know where to begin. From his entrance to his discussion about hair transplants to his "how you doin'" exchanges with the audience, he's the perfect sidekick for Wendy and I'm pretty sure he needs to be a full time co-host on this show!

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