Managing Your Career And Family

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Photo courtesy of NPPA Images.
Photo courtesy of NPPA Images.

Business maven Crickette Tantoco has a lot on her plate. And people around her have this perception that women like her must have it easy. But in reality, juggling a career alongside her family is not an easy task. When it comes to managing a retail brand, the notion of it being glamorous is a lie. “There are challenges,” she says. “In fact, it’s not really that glamorous.” There was a time when she got burnt out and even took a sabbatical. “I lost myself for a while. You know, that midlife crisis,” she reveals.
She realized that one cannot be excellent at everything all the time. She believes that “as long as you are excellent in one thing, be it work, family, or friends,” and “are in the quadrant of above average, you should be okay.”

To date, she is already past her midlife and has come out a stronger woman. She is, though, still having a difficult time accepting aging. “I like the whole concept of Peter Pan. I’m totally sold on the myth,” she shares. But for Crickette, there are just two ways to go about this issue in life: either you fight it every step of the way or wear it proudly like a badge. “I’m still deciding but it may be a balance of both,” she says.

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How does she keep herself young then? “I hang out with younger people,” she says. “I mentor them. And it is also a mental outlook in life. I also read books, go to the movies, and I paddle board."

From afar, Crickette Tantoco seems to have the perfect life. But in reality it isn’t. No one’s life is perfect anyways. It has its ups and downs. It is her acceptance of life’s hardships and facing them with courage is what made her successful.

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