Man Cleavage


"GMA": Okay, fellas, in case you didn't understand that report on GMA about Ryan Gosling and his "Man Cleavage", let me break it down for you. When HE wears a super low cut V-neck tee, he's showing off his "amazingly chiseled pecs". And when YOU do it? You're treating us to a view of your "amazingly saggy moobs". Hope that helps! Make a handy chart for the clothing store… might I suggest wallet-size?

"CBS This Morning": Jeff Glor pulled extra-special-vacation-awkward-staff-turnover double duty today, as he filled in for both the vacationing Charlie Rose, and the dearly departed Erica Hill. But not only did he hold his own while co-hosting with Gayle King, he inspired so much perfect harmony that he got a musical tribute from the control room! That's right, Gayle and Jeff... I heard them play you guys to commercial with a little "Ebony and Ivory". I Stevie Wonder what that was all about!

"GDNY": Dave Price has officially been the co-host for a few weeks now, so today he and Rosanna decided to let each other know what really bothers them about the other person. This of course made for some awkward and tense moments, but I totally get whey they chose today to air things out, because once Dr. Ruth came on with her new line of wine and sex talks, everyone was feeling great by the end of the show!

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