Makeup artist transforms into Emmy star

Vera H-C Chan
Yahoo! TV Emmys Blog

There's playing with make-up -- and then there's completely transforming yourself into a celebrity for a day with a stipple of a brush.

Promise Tamang Phan's sleight-of-hand redefines the title makeup artist means: Her YouTube channel features jaw-dropping metamorphoses from a good-looking Nepalese woman to Hollywood's reigning first ladies. Her take on Angelina Jolie, who was nominated for an Emmy in 1998 for "Gia" and her role in "George Wallace," ranks among her favorites.

In addition to capturing Jolie's famous pout, she has transformed into the latest Royal, crossed gender lines as rapper Drake and busted a move as Michael Jackson. Her "Lady Gaga Bad Romance look" racked up more than 33 million views.

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Phan had been enamored with makeup since she was a girl watching her mother, according to an interview with "Good Morning America" (in Nicki Minaj guise of course). Her foray into tutorials came after being inspired by "Avatar": Phan did herself up in Navi blue and posted the picture on Facebook. Michelle Phan, who leads the most-subscribed beauty channel on Youtube, shared the image, and many people requested a how-to. Phan obliged, she told NMR, and now three years and more than 127 million views later, she has become an Internet celebrity in her own right.

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She also met and married Michelle's brother, and now contributes to her sister-in-law's new Youtube channel, FAWN (for all women network), for features like "Yeah! That Look."