Makeovers Are So Yesterday! Check Out Larry David and Jon Hamm's Makeunders for HBO's 'Clear History' [Video]

Yahoo! TV

HBO fed us the trailer for "Clear History," Greg Mottola's improv comedy starring Larry David as a bitter dude who missed out on something great. David plays with Jon Hamm, Kate Hudson, Eva Mendes, Michael Keaton, and Danny McBride, but honestly, you have to watch this thing just to see if you can even find Larry, who is totally, gloriously transformed:

Funny stuff, yada yada yada. But honestly, you can watch the trailer on mute and still get something out of it. That's how much we are loving Larry David's new look. If you bred a Fraggle with a Nick Nolte mug shot, you'd get this version of LD. He looks like he belongs on a wanted poster in a 1983 Florida post office. He looks like Kramer's second cousin who just got out of 12 years in rehab.

It's also fun to see Jon Hamm let loose and get his "Bridesmaids"-style smirk on again. He never gets to use it in his "Mad Men" day job. Now, he looks like a guy who lies on his tax returns and hangs his belts on a battery-operated belt-holding device he bought from SkyMall. Or a CEO who just screwed the factory workers out of their pension funds and celebrated with nine holes and a prostitute.

If "Clear History" turns out to be a dud, we will forgive it and remember the makeup.

"Clear History" premieres in August 2013.