The Magic Of Electric Shocks


"GMA": "GMA" showed off the newest trend in spa treatments for people with a death wish! It promises to melt off the pounds in seconds, using the magic of electric shocks. It's all thanks to a paste you pour on your swelly belly, made of a special combination of seaweed, current-conducting liquid clay, and a bunch of high-voltage electric diodes! Or as we used to call it where I grew up: "Saturday Night."

"The View": Ed Norton talked about sharing a house with a group of guys that included Bill Murray while they were shooting a movie recently. At least we know they were safe from any ghosts with Dr. Peter Venkman in the house, but I wonder if anyone made Ed angry? Because you wouldn't like him when he's angry!

"Today": Who knew that the "Today" anchors aren't athletic? I mean, I thought that's why they sent them to the Olympics, right? That's why Ryan Seacrest is there, to compete!

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