My made-up nickname for Bradley Cooper


"Live! with Kelly and Michael": Tomorrow's "Live!" is way more up my alley than today with a big ol' dollop of Bradley Cooper (yum) with a side order of a holiday cooking segment for something called "Pumpkin Pudding Crunch". Which, ironically, is also my made-up nickname for Bradley Cooper.

"GMA": Pop News reported that Dorothy's iconic checked-blue Gingham dress from "The Wizard of Oz" sold at auction this week for over $400,000! And because this is 2012, and because I'm me, I immediately started singing to myself, "Open Ging-ham style!" while blaring Korean techno started playing in my head. Help! I need a new dance craze!

"Ellen": Jennifer Hudson showed off pictures of the dream closet she just built in her house, and I have to say, I was a little disappointed. Not because it wasn't the size of most people's entire homes or decorated nicer than most five-star hotels, but because showing off pictures of your elegant, super expensive closet just isn't classy. Sorry!

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