'Mad Men' Season 7 First Look: Roger Sterling, We've Missed You!

Maggie Furlong
Yahoo TV

Oh Roger Sterling, we've missed you! Yahoo TV has the exclusive first look at "Mad Men" fan-favorite Roger Sterling, John Slattery's silver fox of an advertising firm name partner, looking cool, calm, and collected as always.

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The "Mad Men" Season 7 photos are being trickled out slowly, and they all take place in and around an airport. Are the characters going their metaphorical separate ways this season? Or is TWA a new client to replace Mokawk Airlines?

"Mad Men" creator Matt Weiner told The Hollywood Reporter that the airport means nothing — it's just a nostalgic setting to get fans in the mood for the new season.

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"We pick a milieu for the publicity photography every year where we can lean on the good looks of the cast and place them in an environment that puts people in the mood for the show," Weiner said. "We love the contrast because there is zero glamour in air travel right now. It was just an environment to take pictures."

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Of course, in Roger's case it's not just the glamour of air travel — although his ensemble is top-notch — but the lax regulations of a simpler time. Smoking in the lounge? Why not. We're just left wondering if that's only a cigarette... Roger is quite fond of dabbling in more extreme hallucinogens.

Check out the "Mad Men" Season 7 teaser right here:

"Mad Men" Season 7 premieres Sunday, April 13 at 10 p.m. on AMC.