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I’m Pretty Much Having A Cow

Daytime in No Time

"Ellen": Jonah Hill is so lucky! He already has his Halloween costume all sewn up. He just needs a pillow, a curly wig, and his old clothes, and he can go as Jonah Hill 2008!

"Regis and Kelly": What a  rip-off! We in Regis nation just got word today that our Philbin-y friend won't be joining in for his very last annual Halloween show next Monday. And I would probably understand, and not be so upset, if they hadn't picked Nick Lachey to replace the Reeg for this longstanding tradition. So, I'm pretty much having a cow (just like Regis did... in the clip from Halloween '89 they showed today, when he dressed up as a cow.)

"Access Hollywood Live": Len Goodman admitted that he's,"not really up on celebrities" during his interview. Gee, I hadn't noticed that when you butchered about every star's name that's on your show, Les! Oh well, it's not like you judge a show that ever has celebrities, or "Stars" or anything.

"Wendy Williams": If you put a Raggedy Anne wig on a dog and he shakes it off his head repeatedly, that means he probably doesn't enjoy said wig! A Sue Sylvester wig and tennis shoes on the other hand, seem to be just fine. So the lesson to be learned is that you gotta choose the right pop culture costume for your pet!

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