I’m Not Sure Which Moment Was More Disturbing


"GMA": Wow, I'm not sure which moment was more disturbing: when Lara Spencer reported that they're making another "Austin Powers" movie, or when every other "GMA" anchor instantly had multiple Austin Powers and/or Dr. Evil impressions ready to go. It's not easy judging a field so, um... "talented" as this one, but I'm gonna give first place to Robin Roberts for her scintillating rendition of "mag-ma".  Points for digging deep! And she even did the pinky to the side of the mouth. Kudos.

"Access Hollywood Live": They celebrated Bob Barker's 88th birthday with a trip down memory lane and Billy could have very well been experiencing all the memories for the first time because it was just a bunch of clips of him and Bob drinking tequila together. And (from what I've heard), tequila shots do not make remembering things any easier!

"Rachael Ray": Jessica said she had been craving PB&Js, which in itself isn't weird, but then she added that she likes to lick salt off her hand and then take a bite like she's doing tequila shots. Sounds kinda gross, but at least she left out the worm.

"Live! with Kelly": Kelly got us some smiles with Niles, as David Hyde Pierce dropped by for a visit. I miss him! I would watch "Frasier" reruns 24 hours a day if I could. But they do have to put in that 1-hour break for the local news, I guess.

"Wake Up With Al": Al joked that Stephanie was off today because she was shopping all weekend and needed to rest her arm after swiping her credit card so many times. Well let me tell you something Al, that's no joke, I've had to rest my arm after excessive swiping on many occasions!

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