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I’m Not Going To Say Goodbye To Ann Curry!

Daytime in No Time

"Bethenny": I was pretty devastated when this show got interrupted during the fourth segment of Justin Bieber madness for breaking news. And it turns out that the news interruption wasn't to tell us that the world is ending, so I'm pretty confused whey they would cut off the Biebs! I was already struggling with the fact that he's not actually perfect after he admitted to forgetting lyrics, so this pretty much put me over the edge!

"Live! with Kelly": Come on you guys, enough with the conspiracy theories. Co-host Michael Strahan didn't PLAN to do any dirty dancing with Channing Tatum on today's show. He just HAPPENED to wear breakaway pants to work today. TOTAL coincidence. Just like how all those ladies in the front row just happened to get a lot of $1 bills from the ATM machine this morning!

"Today": I'm not gonna say goodbye to Ann Curry… but will throw out a hearty, "see ya soon!" I'd love to know what went down behind the scenes and why, after just a short time at the anchor desk, they pushed Curry out in a hurry. Good luck to Savannah, Natalie, or whoever warms the anchor seat… just don't get too comfy!

"GMA": Did "GMA" just say that Sarah Jessica Parker and Victoria Beckham may be teaming up to start a super-secret fashion line?? SJP+VB?? OMG D&G DKNY! I wonder what they're gonna call their new company? Posh and the City, or Carrie Spice?

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