I’m like Nikniss Boyerdeen!


"GMA": So, let me get this straight -- Jennifer Lawrence had to undergo weeks of grueling physical training to be in a movie about a girl who has to undergo weeks of grueling physical training? Wow, I can totally relate: it's just like how I have to spend hours sitting on the couch every morning watching TV, so that I can then host a show where I sit on a couch and watch TV. I'm like Nikniss Boyerdeen!

"Ellen": Ellen dipped one of her assistants in a giant vat of guacamole! (I'm not sure which one it was, I think his name was Chip?) Well, that's one way to go green. Give that guy a raise! And a shower...

"Access Hollywood Live": I can't believe Billy was pressing Jenny McCarthy about her love life pretty hard and later was playing with his food! But even though he broke two major rules for being polite, I still think he's a good example for kids to look up to. Mostly because he loves to dance and laugh, plus he has great hair, you just can't beat that! Love you Billy!

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