Lottery Winner Stuns Lottery Announcer and the Viral Backlash Against Tim Tebow

Adriana Diaz
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Whenever someone wins the lottery, there's always a bit of surprise. But in a drawing of Canada's dream lottery this week to say there was surprise would be an understatement. The drawing took place live on Canada's Global News network. As the winner's name was drawn, the anchors realized the man's name sounded familiar. That's because it was Barry Deley, the network's very own sports reporter! What's more is that the proceeds from lotto tickets went to Canada's BC Children's Hospital and Deley's reason for purchasing the ticket was because his daughter Eden was treated at that hospital for leukemia several years ago. The Deley family has been big supporters of the hospital. It even hosted a telethon for the hospital. So what did he win? Deley has a choice of one of four luxury homes or $2 million. Talk about good karma. Which would you pick if you had won? Tweet me @Adriana Tweeting or tell me on

An article about the Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has spawned an unexpected backlash from readers that has gone viral. The article simply talked about Tebow's inconsistency as a passer and who the Broncos could replace him with. But then readers started posting comments under the article listing what things are greater than Tebow, by writing "___ > Tebow." They started out listing failed NFL quarterbacks, but the posts have since expanded. Now they say practically everything is " > Tebow," from Windows Vista to Rebecca Black to Netflix. At its peak, there were about 5 "___ > Tebow" comments per second posted under the article. The trend has even migrated to Twitter. Thousands of tweets have been sent with the hashtag #OccupyTebow. This isn't the first time Tebow has become an Internet sensation. Just last week, "tebowing" took the Web by storm. The act involves getting down on one knee and praying, even if everyone around you is doing something completely different. It's become so popular that even Tebow's opponents "tebowed" during last week's game (after they sacked him).