Lots Of Fun With Crayons And With Pencils!


"Today": What a cool clip, about the hobbled elephant found in the Cambodian jungle that was nursed back to health with a  specially-made prosthetic leg! He'll be back to doing the Baby Elephant walk in no time. I get the feeling this is a story I'll never forget...

"Access Hollywood Live": I'm not gonna lie, when Billy opened up his gift from Hugh Jackman and held up the gold pants, I immediately fast forwarded to the end where he put them on and started dancing around. And I was definitely not disappointed! Then of course I went back and watched the David Hasselhoff interview, cuz you gotta love the Hoff!

"The Early Show": Hearing Bill Cosby do his own slideshow sound effects today totally flashed me back to watching him host "Picture Pages"! I used to love those. I even remember Mortimer Ichabod Marker, and that weird noise he made when he drew. Lots of fun with crayons and with pennn-cillllls...

"Wake Up With Al": That video of the whales popping out of the water right in front of the surfer and the kayaking folks is pretty much the most amazing thing I've ever seen! Turns out 20 feet is the difference between the whales enjoying some delicious anchovies and the whales enjoying some delicious anchovies with a side of people!

"Regis and Kelly": Two weeks left to go, Philbin fans! And now we're getting into "Very Special Guest" territory. They've already promised to pop the bubbly on Monday... or should I say, pop the Bublé, since Michael Bublé is gonna sing a "musical tribute to Regis". They're promising a "big surprise guest", too. Ooh, I hope it's Jon Hamm! Then he and Mike can recreate their famous duo from that SNL sketch, "Hamm and Bublé".

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