Lots Of Dog Talk Today!


"Ellen": Okay, Uggie the dog from the Golden-Globe winner "The Artist" is pretty darn great. People are saying he totally steals the movie, and buries it in his backyard! He may even get nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the People Oscars (watch your tail, TinTin!) But that's no surprise... Uggie is a Jack Russell Terrier, after all. They've been working in Hollywood for years. I heard Uggie's great uncle is Eddie from "Frasier"!

"Today": You know what's even funnier than the old Rick Santorum yearbook photo that looks just like McLovin from "Superbad"? Mitt Romney's high school pic! He's a spitting image of Seth Rogen!

"The View": In the midst of the ladies laughing hysterically at a zebra trying to take a bite out of a passerby, they failed to mention if the victim in the video was okay or not. I'm going to assume she's fine, mostly because I don't want to feel bad for laughing. But if she's not fine I really hope she doesn't try to sue anyone for emotional distress since we all got a good laugh at her expense. Um, now I'm starting to get nervous, somebody call my lawyer just in case!

"Access Hollywood Live": One of these days Billy is going to offend the wrong guest and things will go horribly bad. And while I don't wish harm on anyone, I was kind of hoping today would have been that day during his interview with Gina Carano. Mostly because seeing her put him in a headlock would have totally made my week!

"Live! with Kelly": Wow, lots of dog talk today! Mario Lopez seems suuuper into his pooch. He's even bragging about making him a show dog! Maybe then we'll finally get to find out what its name is. My money's on "Screech".

"Studio 11 LA": I gotta say, visiting the set of "Studio 11 LA" was pretty fun last night! When you combine the shenanigans of Cloris Leachman with the average mayhem on the show… you get pure magic! I met Cloris's granddaughters in the make up room and they told me that they live with their Grandma! Now, that's a reality show waiting to be made. They replied, "We're in development for one!" Oh snap! Meeting them was a treat and I love my friends at "Studio 11 LA" for having me!

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