Anderson Live”: Linda Gray, are you trying to seduce me... into making bets with every movie buff I know, who will all think that's Anne Bancroft's leg and not yours on the "Graduate" poster? That will then make me school them old school, movie trivia-style? Well congratulations, Miss Ewing. It worked!

Today”: Al Gore spotted Melissa McCarthy on the "Today" set this morning, and stopped her just to say, "Hey -- you make me laugh!" Wow, Melissa. That's quite a compliment. Almost no one can make that guy laugh! I heard Jerry Seinfeld got him to smile once in the late '90s... but it took him almost two years!

Wake Up With Al”: Seeing the video of the golfer falling into the water reminded me of another funny golf story, one that's near and dear to my heart. My co-worker Nick was apparently playing golf and managed to sprain his ankle on the first hole! Only Nick can injure himself while playing the most non-contact sport ever, and that's why we love him!

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