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He’ll Be Frozen Until I Get In Tomorrow!

Daytime in No Time

"The Doctors": I love this show (and I even get to be on it sometimes!) and you know I swoon for Dr. Travis! But how come they ALWAYS make him wear scrubs? Does he do nips and tucks during commercial breaks?

"Ellen": Ellen's regular DJ, our pal Tony, was on vacation today, so they had DJ Pauly D shore things up by filling in. And in his defense, he is actually not a bad DJ. And he kept his shirt on for five whole minutes, almost! That has to be a new record.

"Wake Up with Al": It was a pretty smooth move by Al to turn their technical difficulties into a game of freeze tag! It really made me miss that game, so we started playing it here at our show. The only problem is that assistant editor Nick takes the game super serious and I'm pretty sure I forgot to unfreeze him before I left. So that means he'll be frozen until I get in tomorrow! Oh well, I'm sure that date he had scheduled for tonight would have been a disaster anyway!

"Divorce Court": I had a great time hanging with one of my favorite TV judges today, the real Judge Lynn Toler of "Divorce Court." Next time I get divorced, I'm totally going to her courtroom, because I really like being on TV!

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