How To Live Healthy

Style Factor

Photo from Instagram
Photo from Instagram

Bianca Araneta-Elizalde has always been known for her healthy lifestyle. Finally, Style Factor got to sit down with this celebrity model--who's now a mom--and talked about the real deal and the lowdown on living healthily.

"First of all you’ve got to eat right," Bianca says. "I do recommend eating a lot of vegetables. I live as chemical and toxin-free as possible." Bianca's mom always tells her that she grew up eating certain foods when she was younger and she turned out okay. But she explains that the world today is different from what it was like 15 to 20 years ago. "Products are made differently--from cleaning products to the air you breathe, the fish they catch in the sea, and even the vegetables that are grown," she explains. She gives utmost importance to staying away from chemicals as much as possible. "What you put in your body matters. What you eat makes a difference. The pesticides in your vegetables, the antibiotics, the growth hormones in meat—all of those have effects," she adds.

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When it comes to doing groceries, Bianca stays away from processed foods. Canned goods is definitely a no-no. "If you must buy something like that, buy something in a glass bottle. Little changes like that make a difference," she says. Bianca goes for fresh items in the grocery. With bread, she goes for whole wheat. Every thing that most people buy white, she buys brown, like rice and sugar. "Try coconut sugar or agave nectar," she suggests. Another important thing is reading the label. If there's something you can't understand on the label, then don't buy it. She also asks for people who do groceries to watch out for ‘green washing’. For example, those labels that say 'baked instead of fried'. Read again. Look at the sugar content as well. "Think about what you eat every day. For breakfast, try eggs--if you can, organic eggs--and vegetables," she says.

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"My tip to people who want to live a healthy lifestyle is to think about that one major food you eat all the time. For example, rice. Then go for brown rice. Then if you’re comfortable with that, change something up again. Like eat a salad before your meal so you get your vegetables. It becomes overwhelming if you do it dramatically. Small changes will help and then add from there," Bianca says.

"Oh, and don’t use the microwave!" she lastly says with a laugh.

Photo from Bianca Araneta-Elizade's Instagram account.