A Little Gumbel Ankle With Your Morning Coffee


"Today": As our friends in New England would say, it's ahhlmost time fah SUMMAH! And that meant today's "Today" had three salty, sea-worthy chefs in to show off their best recipes for a real Maine LOBSTAH ROLL. YUM. I liked the looks of Luke the Lobsterman's fresh meat, and hot-buttered buns... (what?) And chef Barbara had the right idea by staying simple, with just a little mayo and lemon and a grilled hot dog roll. But what was up with that arrogant guy Mark, trying to add garlic and scallions and chives and... gasp... Old Bay seasoning? THAT'S FROM MARYLAND, MARK. It's for steamed Crab Claws. WICKED BAD mistake. Now get ya Lobstah tail back to cookin' school, and don't come Naahth o' Connecticut until yah learn yah shellfish!

"Live! with Kelly": Bryant Gumbel apparently stepped directly off his yacht to co-host with Kelly today! Not only was he rockin' the open-collared shirt and navy blue pinstriped blazer (with pocket square, natch)... but he also slipped into a comfy pair of penny loafers... sockless! Nothing like a little Gumbel ankle with your morning coffee to get your week started off on the right (bare)foot.

"Good Day LA": Seeing Kenny G on this show wasn't all that surprising. But seeing him while they were doing a story about hazing at a high school is what caught me off guard. I thought for sure if I ever saw Kenny on this show it would be during a hairstyle segment where he revealed the secrets to keeping that perm so healthy and amazing!

"Good Day NY": Here is why I love Greg. A little girl helped save her choking little brother and they came on to talk about it. And while the story of her saving him is what should have been the focus of the interview, Greg seemed most interested in the fact that he was choking on chicken nuggets! What brand of nuggets they were and whether or not the sister also eats nuggets are not vital facts to the story Greg!

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