It’s A Little Ego Mixed With Sarcasm And Intolerance


"Today": Sarah Palin: "The Woman in Black"? The conservative went ultra-conservative in an nearly all-black ensemble today, and while some people may not agree with her comments — you HAVE to agree with that scarf! Then again, she's from Alaska, she probably has hundreds of scarves!

"Good Day New York": Greg kept insisting he didn't want to try tossing pizza dough because he hadn't washed his hands. Come on, Greg, how dirty could your hands possibly be? You sit on a couch all morning and act goofy! But when he finally got around to trying it, we saw the real reason he was so hesitant - he's an absolutely terrible pizza tosser!

"Ellen": Ok, either Andrew Garfield donned that giant blonde mullet wig to avoid the paparazzi, or else it was to play a young Ted Nugent (natural follow-up to playing Spidey.) I hope he clicks to Like his pic on our Facebook page! He should notice it -- he only co-INVENTED the thing...

"Jeremy Kyle": Jeremy Kyle has such a specific tone that I absolutely love! It's a little ego mixed with sarcasm and intolerance. Occasionally, he sprinkles a bit of empathy that makes me wonder... what did he do before hosting a talk show? Referee? Mediator? Nope... Life insurance salesman. Stay tuned for more pointless Jeremy Kyle trivia! You're welcome!

"The View": Randy Jackson has been getting a lot of guff lately for his fashion accessory choices, so it not surprising that the ladies broached the subject with him, pun intended! But hey if you got paid millions of dollars to sit next to J-Lo and tell people they sound a little pitchy and call them dogs, you'd have time to focus on fashion too!

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