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Listen! Ousted ‘X Factor’ Stars Lyric 145 Return With “My Clique”

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)
December 8, 2012

Here we are, down to the final four on "The X Factor," getting ready to semi-celebrate an imminent Carly Rose Sonenclar or Tate Stevens victory...and still I mourn the tragic 12th-place elimination of this season's Lyric 145 and wonder what might have been. Thankfully, the robbed rap trio of Lyric Da Queen, Melee, and Sir Jewelz have returned with a hot new recording, "My Clique," that represents their raw style more accurately than anything Simon Cowell ever made them do.

This is my new jam. Whom do I have to speak with at Fox so that Lyric 145 can perform this banging track on "The X Factor's" December 20 finale? (Simon Cowell, please make it happen. After forcing Lyric 145 to perform the last-minute mashup of  "E.T."/"We Will Rock You" that led to their doom, you owe them that much.)

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