Their Lips Don’t Match Their Words


"Anderson": Wow, Aziz Ansari sent his stunt double to do his couch time on "Anderson"? That must be a dangerous place. He would so go on Tom Haverford's 'Dunzo List' for a stunt like that. But on the bright side, by meeting Anderson's doppelganger, we finally found out how he hosts all those shows at the same time!

"Ellen": Don't get me wrong, I love me some Sophia Grace and Rosie, but they've been on an awful lot this spring... maybe a few tu-tu many times. Don't they still have school in the UK?

"Wake Up with Al": I'm happy for The Weather Channel and I want to say congratulations on 30 years on the air! And not to be stickler but hopefully in their 31st year they can figure out a way to get the audio and video synced up better on "Wake Up with Al". I love Al and Stephanie to death but when they're talking about the latest tornado watch and their lips don't match their words, it can be distracting!

"Access Hollywood Live": I must admit that I didn't finish watching this show today, but for good reason. During the James Van Der Beek interview they put up a cast picture from his "Dawson's Creek" days, so I paused the show and fell into a deep daydream about how great life was when that show was on the air. Not to mention how dreamy Pacey was!

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