That Lil’ Dancin’ Fella


"The Today Show": Hey "Today" producers: what do you say we switch things up a bit, just this once! Just for a laugh, let's have Jane Fonda talk about how she went from pro skateboarder to "My Name Is Earl" and playing Dave in all the "Alvin & The Chipmunks" movies, and Jason Lee can talk about aerobics and being married to Ted Turner! No? Fine, whatever. I'll just add it to my "Nikki's Great Ideas" file. Whoo, runnin' out of room!

"Live! With Kelly": Derek Hough was Kelly's latest single-serving co-host, and it was kind of fun to watch Paula Deen call him "that lil' dancin' fella" and chase him around the set, screaming "I just wanna take a bite outta you!" Too bad they cut to commercial before we could find out if she was serious.

"Access Hollywood Live": It's pretty obvious that the producers are providing the toys for the guests to donate to the big box, so it's pretty funny to watch the guests try and explain why they chose the toys they're donating. Forget the fact that actors should be better at lying, I'm more concerned that a charity drive has so much lying involved in the first place. It just doesn't seem right! I guess it doesn't really matter who does the donating as long as the kids get their toys, I just don't like being lied to. Perhaps a fancy new Mr. Potato Head would help change my mind.

"Wendy Williams": It's not surprising that Wendy's holiday decorations are a bit over the top, including a table stand filled with what looks like thousands of candy canes. And I think the fake snow is kinda cool, but is the machine broken or something? I mean, it just won't stop snowing in the studio! With three weeks to go before Christmas, I have a feeling that's going to get old really fast!

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