Lenny Kravitz & Al Roker Are From The Same Neck Of The Woods!


"GMA": I guess it shows you how silly "The Bachelor" has become, when an anchor on the very same network can't even make it through a newscast without making fun of it! Ouch. Something tells me Elizabeth Vargas is not gonna enjoy her next rose ceremony.

"Ellen": Lenny Kravitz does. Not. Age. There, I said it. Ellen put up split screen pictures of Lenny today, and Lenny circa 1992 (I believe that was the heady "Let Love Rule/Mama Said" era...) and he looks EXACTLY the same as he did TWENTY years ago. Why am I yelling? I guess because he just plays so loud. Lenny says it's all because of his "good genes". Fun TV fact: he got those good genes from his mama, Roxie Roker, who played Helen Willis on "The Jeffersons", and (more importantly) is cousins with Al Roker! Yep, Lenny Kravitz and Al Roker are from the same neck of the woods. Have fun winning your next bet with that one!

"Access Hollywood Live": Billy Bush was very intrigued with the fact that Julia Roberts plays a very unlikable character in the new movie "Mirror Mirror" and does it well. Julia was intrigued that he wouldn't drop it and kept on trying to push her buttons by asking about it. And I'm intrigued why she didn't just smack him upside the head!

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