At least until Monday


Today”: It's only January 4th, and Matt Lauer has already cast two votes for the dumbest thing he's seen all year. Wow, way to be an optimist, Matty! But then again, they've already had no-warning trust fall guy, and the cast of that new MTV show "Buckwild" on, so it's probably a safe bet we can't get any dumber as a nation. At least until Monday...

Let’s Make A Deal”: I’ve always wanted to get Zonked! I mean is there a better way to lose on a game show? You actually win something… it’s usually a barnyard animal or a broken down car, but it’s something! Everyone’s a winner!

Ellen”: Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure what we saw on the show today was fake! I'm not talking about all the magic tricks, those were obviously real. I mean, it's magic! But Ellen's tan she was working with, that had to be fake… n’ bake!

Anderson Live”: Either Anderson really loves pandas or he has trouble believing people, because he dove in nose first to the panda "poo-poo paper" just to make sure it was real! If it were me, and someone brought a bunch of stuff from a zoo that included paper made from panda droppings, I would just go ahead and take her word for it!

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