Last Night’s ‘Walking Dead’ Threw in a Delightful Easter Egg for ‘Breaking Bad’ Fans

The Set

"The Walking Dead" and "Breaking Bad" both air on AMC, but it probably wasn't a case of forced corporate synergy last night when the former show featured a wink-wink visual reference to the latter. From Reddit:

"Did anyone catch the Easter egg on tonight's 'Walking Dead'?"

When Daryl reached into his brother's baggie of pills and mentioned there was also some crystal meth in there...the meth was blue."

As any fan of "Breaking Bad" knows, that show's main character, Walter White, uses a special chemical recipe to make his extremely pure brand of methamphetamine, which also happens to turn it blue. It's a big thing on that show, so it was cute of "The Walking Dead" to reference it. (Or it will be cute, until this sets off a debate as to whether "The Walking Dead" and "Breaking Bad" take place in the same TV universe. Until then: adorable!)