Krysten Ritter talks Halloween costumes and love interests

Jenny Depper
Fall TV

Krysten Ritter has been hitting the streets of New York City filming scenes for Season 2 of her comedy series, "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23," and if the hints she shared at an Ekocycle event last week are any indication, this season is sure to have plenty of surprises.

One biggie? Her character, Chloe, is getting a real job. So far, the uberbitch has gotten by financially through scamming her roommates, selling knockoff purses, and mooching off her famous BFF James Van Der Beek. This season, though, she makes a splash in the publishing world, taking over People magazine. However, her lofty career goals might be foiled, as, Ritter reveals, "it also turns out she is a registered sex offender, which is a big one."

Chloe's career-climbing isn't the only thing Ritter teases about the upcoming season. She also reveals that her counterpart is finally getting a love interest, which will be revealed in Tuesday's Halloween-themed episode. During the special, the always over-the-top Chloe will wear no fewer than "four different costumes" before she manages to snag her man in "a sexy bus driver" ensemble. Meanwhile, her new love, whom Ritter describes as, "tall, broad, hot, and built," will be showing off his muscles as Spartacus. His "300"-inspired costume seems fitting, since Chloe tends to see men simply as physical specimens meant for her enjoyment.

The 5-foot-9-inch Ritter -- who was a model before crossing over to acting -- says she adores her new TV squeeze because "he makes me look like a petite, tiny little woman. I love it!" More important, he gives Chloe a taste of her own medicine. "He sort of beats her at her own game and turns the table on her," she says.

Ritter also dishes on what it's like play a bitch, which she says is unlike her own personality. "I am fun and feminine -- but there is such wish fulfillment in the costumes and how she approaches everything," says the former "Breaking Bad" star. "She is so free. She has no attachments physically or emotionally, and I think it is awesome. It is like living in a different universe for a minute. It is like getting away from all the real-life drama. It is so fun!"

Watch last week's full episode of "Don't Trust the B---- in Apt. 23":

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