Kristen Bell Awesomely Reveals That Her Favorite Summer Show is ‘America’s Funniest Videos’

The Set

The LA Times asked TV stars what they're watching this summer, and for some reason people are making fun of Kristen Bell for saying this totally correct thing:

"No. 1, and I'm being honest: You will not be disappointed if you watch any of 'America's Funniest Home Videos.' It without fail puts me in a good mood. They are on Season 17 or something. I particularly recommend the animal extravaganzas episodes. I have all the seasons on DVD -- not all 17 years but a couple of seasons."

1. That show, which is called "AFV" now, is actually in fact one of the best shows on TV, though it gets far less credit and attention these days than it deserves. "AFV" was the proto-YouTube, and continues to be the most relaxing/amusing hour on TV. So many of the most popular YouTube videos originated on "AFV," for god's sakes. Would you have ever seen "Charlie Bit My Finger" without "AFV," for example? No, you wouldn't have. Charlie's parents sent that tape in to "AFV" and that's how anyone ever saw it.

2. We need to keep a better eye on Kristen Bell, because between this "admission" and her extremely early adoption of the cult bad movie phenomenon that is "The Room," she might just be one of Hollywood's biggest arbiters of good taste. So from now on, if Kristen Bell likes it, it's probably pretty cool.