Kris Allen Enlists His Dog To Create Most Adorable Idol Album Cover Ever

Lyndsey Parker
Reality Rocks (New)

First Season 8 "American Idol" champion Kris Allen adorably announced his new single, "The Vision Of Love," and now he's topped that stunt with the cutest, furriest album cover in "Idol" history, featuring an impressive professional modeling debut by his dog, Zorro (who, incidentally, has his own Twitter).

The album, which boasts Kris co-writing credit on every track and is titled Thank You Camellia (I'm still trying to find out who this Camellia chick is), will enter an Idol-crowded marketplace when it comes out May 22--the same day as Haley Reinhart's debut, and only one week after Adam Lambert's Trespassing. But it's certain that fans of "Idol," Kris, and really cute dogs will be eager to purchase it. The album is already available for preorder in standard, deluxe, and, most excitingly, VINYL editions, so go snag your copy now. And in the meantime, here's a taste:

Kris Allen - The Vision Of Love by RCARecords

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