Kris Allen Announces New Single in Most Kick-Awesome Way Possible

Lyndsey Parker
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So Kris Allen has a new single coming out on March 26. That alone is great news, and it would have been exciting if he'd announced it in a conventional manner. But kick-awesomely, Kris did not issue a typical press release. Instead, he practically one-upped Casey Abrams's recent adorable video announcement, and he announced his single like...this:

You know, I wouldn't have minded if Kris's new song was actually called "Fishin' For Pugs" or "Harry Potter Avocado." But "Vision Of Love" is, by any title, a damn good song. An anthemic chorus just made for top-down convertible rides and VH1 music videos featuring lots of crane-sweeping aerial shots; plenty of audience-shoutalong-worthy "whoa-oh-oh-oh's" (I'm a total sucker for "whoas" and "oh's" in any pop song); some sweet falsetto that he really should have utilized more on "American Idol"...seriously, if this isn't the hit that makes Kris Allen sell a million records, then everyone competing on "Idol" Season 11 should just quit now, because there is no hope.

Please, RCA, don't ruin this one by going and putting Pat Monahan on it. "Vision Of Love" is fine just the way it is:

Kris Allen - The Vision Of Love by RCARecords

What do you think of "Fishin' For Pugs", sorry, I mean "Vision Of Love"? Think it'll be a hit?

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