Of kourse it is!


GMA”: I’m pretty happy that the Easy-Bake Oven is now going to have a gender-neutral version so boys feel comfortable using it! The real winners in all of this are the girls, though – just think, in 20 years all of the single guys out there will know how to cook for them!

Today”: The Kardashian Kristmas Kard is out and in a surprise this year, it’s not a self-important display of vanity, wealth and fashion! Just kidding, of kourse it is!

Wake Up with Al”: Given all that's gone on the past few days, sometimes all you need is a dog rolling around in the snow to make you smile. And add to that some goofy narration from one Mr. Al Roker and that smile turns to a chuckle, so thanks for that!

The View”: The list of comedies that Judd Apatow has had his hand in over the last few years is astonishing! It was fun think back on all of them as they went through the list! On a related note, during the Alicia Keys interview they went through the list of hairstyles she's had over the years, and while I wouldn't call it astonishing, I can definitely say… it's a list!

Good Day LA”: I suppose when you work in a business where there's not a lot of turnaround, being "the new girl" is going to last for a long time! That's why Lauren Sivan is still interviewing puppeteers instead of covering actual news. But hey, at least she gets to express her blatant dislike for the situation and everyone can just laugh it off!

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