Kim Kardashian’s uncomfortable pregnancy


Live!”: Okay, everyone line up by height: guest co-host Kristen Chenoweth is 4’11” and Kim Kardashian klocks in at a kool 5’2”. It's too bad all 5'3" of Kelly Ripa wasn't around today, too... the three of them could've stood next to 6'5" Michael Strahan. They would've looked like a "We're #1" Foam Finger!

Anderson”: They featured a story on a veterinarian who adopted a deer and raised it as a house pet! I suppose it's kind of like having a big dog except it doesn't make any noise and eats less food. Just don't put on "Bambi" when it's around, because I heard they can be quite sensitive creatures!

Home & Family”: I'm really glad I was a guest on this show, it was a blast! Although I can't decide what my favorite part was! Cooking and dancing at the same time is always fun, it's just hard to beat showing off pictures of my dog on national TV!

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