Kicked out of the Brownies


Today”: You’ll never believe this, but Kathie Lee Gifford revealed today that when she was just a little girl, she was kicked out of the Brownies! Now we have two things in common! (The other is that we both host amazingly hysterical shows!)

"Ellen": Ellen had the first round of home videos from fans with "Hidden Talents". We met a double-jointed girl who can crush cans with her shoulder blades, an 80-something grandma who can belt out opera (and make Susan Boyle sound like Bob Dylan), and a goofy Canadian dude who proudly bragged that he could fit "50 plus" grapes in his mouth. Um, yeah. The first two didn't complain about missing the cut for the $10,000 grand prize, but the grape guy let out a little wine.

The View”: With all those shirtless men and aphrodisiac drinks being served on the show, I was just waiting for something to happen. I had my money on Joy saying and/or doing something very inappropriate, but instead we got to see a Chippendales dancer spill a tray of drinks on himself! So I thought for sure Joy would be the one who got to wipe him clean but no, it was Sherri. In other words Joy let me down today, but the show as a whole was pretty darn entertaining!

Good Day New York”: There's nothing like bringing a huge St. Bernard dog into a tiny TV studio to remind you how small those studios really are! But sadly it reminds of my life, because I too own a St. Bernard and boy does she make my house look small!

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