Kevin Hart and Co. talk 'Real Husbands of Hollywood' with Katie Couric

Mike Krumboltz
Yahoo TV

Actor and comedian Kevin Hart sat down with Katie Couric to discuss his show, "Real Husbands of Hollywood," a mock reality show that parodies the "Real Housewives" franchise.

Also there were cast mates Nick Cannon, Boris Kodjoe and rapper Nelly, who joked that he joined the reality show because he owed Hart a favor and he's "still paying for it to this day."

Kidding aside, Nelly told Couric that being on "Real Husbands" didn't require a lot of discussion, because he'd watched Hart's Hollywood rise and admired and applauded his success.

Hart told Couric that the success of the show, in the middle of its second season on BET, is due to the cast members' willingness to make fun of themselves.

"The thing that makes it easy for us to mock whatever goes on in Hollywood is that we're not afraid to mock ourselves first," Hart said. "So, the fact that we can laugh at our own lives and mock one another for whatever that we go through makes it OK to throw shots at whoever we throw 'em at."

Hart continued, "It's refreshing because we're doing what you guys are thinking anyway. You guys want somebody to talk about the stuff that we talk about. Our approach is just unique to where we can't get in trouble for it."