Kerry Washington and Other 'Scandal' Stars Tease What's to Come: 'All of Our Characters Are Pushed to Our Limits'

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Were you one of the 10.5 million viewers who tuned in to the series premiere of "Scandal" last week?

One of the standout scenes from the record-setting Season 3 opener was between Joe Morton — who plays Olivia Pope's father — and Kerry Washington (Pope). From speech patterns to facial expressions, Morton absolutely nailed Washington's mannerisms, something the actress told us he worked hard at.

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"Right? How amazing is he?" Washington told Yahoo TV at Variety's Power of Women luncheon last Friday. "It's interesting because before he came on the show, he told me he watched all of the first two seasons because he wanted to figure out ways to pick up my mannerisms so he would really come across as my dad."

It certainly worked!

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"[This] week you will learn a lot more [about] their relationship and the history of their very complicated dynamic," Washington teased.

Watch a sneak peek of this week's episode:

Washington, who was honored for her work with the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities, had plenty of her "Scandal" gladiators at the event for support, including Jeff Perry (Cyrus Beene), Darby Stanchfield (Abby Whelan), Katie Lowes (Quinn Perkins), and Emmy winner Dan Bucatinsky (James Novak).

The stars were eager to hash out a few important questions plaguing us from the premiere. Like, would Cyrus really have sold out Olivia?

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"I think it was a contingency plan that somehow Liv would have even understood," Perry told us. "It's just business. It's trying to set up different chess pieces to make sure you can get out of this fix. It was hard to consider. If need be, yeah, he would have gone through with it."

"Now, as you can tell, Cyrus is intent on turning this horrible truth into a politically motivated allegation that has nothing to do with the truth that Liv and Fitz are sleeping together," Perry added.

It sounds like Perry's onscreen husband, Bucatinsky, will be involved in that as well.

"I can tell you this — for the next few episodes, all of our characters are pushed to our limits," Bucatinsky explained. "We're pushed to do things to get what we want, certainly in the James and Cyrus relationship. We are both willing to use our position to get what we want."

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Don't take that to mean Cyrus and James are a team.

"No," he laughed. "I just think you've got a journalist in the White House, you've got the chief of staff. He needs me, I need him, and it works out very nicely that way."

Watch a preview clip:

On to one of the other many twisted relationships on ABC's hit show: Abby and David Rosen (played by Joshua Malina).

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"You'll see some Abby," Stanchfield told us. "It's going to take a couple episodes, but she and David Rosen aren't over yet. She's desperately trying to find some normal, but we know she's far from normal, so you'll see how that plays out. And you are going to see some fun fashion — Abby has had this makeover!"

"We get together and watch the show on the weekends, so we will be prepared to tweet with you [on Thursday]."

"Scandal" airs at 10 p.m. on Thursday on ABC.