The Kelly & Jerry Super Terrific Happy Hour


"The View": I can't help but feel bad for Kris Jenner! She has to answer all those questions about her daughter's short-lived marriage, and the impending divorce. Not because it's emotional for her, but  because she needs to save that stuff for her next book! She was there to talk about her current book… save the Kim and Kris Humphries questions for the next book tour people!

"Today": Billy Bob Thornton revealed he's severely allergic to cats, but he was still brave enough to take on a role in the movie "Puss in Boots"! Wow, he must have gone through lots of allergy pills and Kleenex!

"Access Hollywood Live": When it comes to the New Kids on the Block, we all know I'm a Jordan fan, but it was still nice seeing Joey today! The funny thing is, I have the same New Kids jacket that Billy was wearing, except I do the dance moves way better than he does! Plus, wearing that jacke for just one-half of a segment is nothing! I once went 47 straight days without taking mine off!

"GMA": Poor Jub-Jub! Sure, you're a super-talented St. Bernard with a big flat head, that can balance everything from a kitten to a lacrosse stick to six Super Nintendo cartridges on your noggin… but nobody told you they were gonna make you show off your skills on live TV, with your powerful sniffer two feet away from a plate full of cupcakes made by the Cake Boss! Woof, that's a scent-ence too tantalizing for any red-blooded bloodhound to bear! Hey, no need for that hangdog look, ol' Jubbers. I'm pretty sure they stop watching the cupcake tray once they cut to commercial!

"Regis and Kelly": "The sea was angry that day, my friends. Like an old Regis, trying to return soup in a deli!" Yep, "Live" spilled the soup on Reeg's first temporary replacement, and to find him, they passed over all those Moops, Mimbos, and Art Van De Lays, yada yada yada, and instead looked to the cookie: we'll get three days of Jerry Seinfeld as a Thanksgiving week present! Maybe they'll call it "The Kelly and Jerry Super Terrific Happy Hour."

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