Justify the Random Videos


"GMA": Gee whiz, Forrest, where'd you learn "Big" words like that? At some "Bachelor Party" in "Philadelphia"? Certainly not in "The 'Burbs". I mean, I've heard some dirty "Punchlines" before, but these were in "A League Of Their Own"! I bet "You've Got Mail" coming your way after this. But don't you know there are better ways to make a "Splash"? Keep this up, and you'll be "Cast Away"! (Sorry, "Sleepless In Seattle", "Toy Story 3", and "Turner & Hooch" fans... I couldn't work 'em all in!)

"Access Hollywood Live": I'm totally cool with Billy kissing his old friend on the cheek and forehead seven times in a span of 20 seconds. But they had just gotten done eating some great Italian food from Buca di Beppo, and the guy Billy was kissing was just the public relations guy for Buca, where is the love for the chef?! If that food tasted half as good as it looked, I would have kissed the person who prepared it 14 times in ten seconds!

"Wake Up with Al": What does a baby panda have to do weather? Absolutely nothing! Normally they try to justify the random videos they show by somehow working weather into it, but today they just flat out admitted to showing the baby panda video because it was adorable. Which is fine with me, cuz I don't tune in to this show to find out about weather, I tune in because there's always a 30 percent chance we'll get to see pandas!

"Today": I never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad there's only one Friday in a week, because that's about all of KLG's "Friday Funny" jokes I can handle!

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