It’s Just A Whole Lot Of Biceps And Eyebrows


"Today": 'Firefighters rescue horse from septic tank' makes a darn good headline, doesn't it? So many questions…

"Access Hollywood Live": It's a little surprising that Billy had a more impressive batch of celeb contacts in his phone than Justin Bieber, but we should try and put this into context. Billy most likely got the majority of his numbers because famous people are always looking to do press at one time or another, and "Access Hollywood" has a pretty big reach. And the Biebs got his numbers cuz he's the Biebs. Plus, if they would have called the numbers I'm guessing Bieber's contacts would have actually answered!

"Wake Up with Al": I wasn't sure how today's show would go with no Al, no Stephanie and not even Mike Bettes around to feed me my morning weather. But it goes to show you that if you have an amazing video like a little kid falling asleep while standing on skis, even the C-Team can get the job done. Way to go what's your names!

"Live! with Kelly": I get such a weird vibe whenever Jerry O'Connell co-hosts with Kelly. Don't get me wrong, it's not that he's not funny... maybe they're just both big loud talkers? It's hard to get a rest. Plus, if you squint at the screen, it's just a whole lot of biceps and eyebrows. A little intense. But then again, I suppose Regis was mostly nose hair and pocket squares. So maybe it's still an upgrade!

"GMA": It's not often that I get to say this, but today, Sam Champion raised a good point. When they showed off a $70 million ring carved entirely out of diamond (yep, you heard me - the diamond IS the ring...) Sam wondered aloud, what happened to the big hunk o' rock they punched out to make the ring part? That's gotta be worth a few bucks on its own. So keep your eyes out, everyone, for the mysterious "donut hole" diamond. Some little munchkin somewhere has to be wearing it!

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