Just When You Thought You Couldn’t Love Bryan Cranston More, Here’s His Official Website

The Set

Granted, there was nothing secret about Bryan Cranston's official website before today. It is, after all, located at BryanCranston.com, and has existed going back to his "Malcolm in the Middle" days. But it seems a lot of "Breaking Bad" fanatics who thought they knew pretty much everything about Bryan Cranston didn't know about this wonderful website until it started going around this afternoon, thanks to LucaLuca.tumblr.com and Pop Culture Brain, which is where this "Breaking Bad" fanatic saw it. Here are just two of the things I learned from BryanCranston.com today that made me love him even more:

1. Bryan Cranston hosted a video called "KidSmartz," which helps parents and kids prevent child abduction!

2. Bryan Cranston has an "Ask Bryan" section, where he answers questions from fans in a way that is somehow completely earnest and totally (intentionally) funny at the same time. Just try not to read the entire section! It'll make your day. What a wonderful guy! Bryan Cranston is just doing it all right.