It’s Just Rain, People!


"Live! with Michael and Kelly": Man, I hope someone mass-produces that Car-b-que car. But maybe that's because I live in Southern California… it would make traffic jams so much more enjoyable! Stuck in traffic? Don't get mad, get fed! Call it car-mageddon-b-que! Call in some Steak Troopers! Mmm, gridlock...

"Today": Just in time for Halloween, a lady being scared by a zombie! Although it makes me wonder why she wasn't expecting something odd to happen when a coffin was wheeled onto her elevator, I mean that's something you don't see everyday! Unless of course you work at a funeral home or something in which case that wouldn't be a very funny or original joke to play on someone anyway.

"Good Day LA": I'm sure glad that Michael Bublé stopped by to chat about his upcoming special and sing a few lines! Not because he is dreamy in every possible way (although that doesn't hurt) but because it gave this show a break from talking about the rain in LA and all the traffic problems being caused by it! I say it every year, but that's because it needs to be said… it's just rain people!

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