That’s just plain weird!


"Access Hollywood Live": Seeing the pictures of Pam Anderson in her "Baywatch" bathing suit made me wonder what it was like working in the wardrobe department on that show. It had to be the easiest job ever, just one little suitcase with a bunch of red bathing suits and a couple lifeguard jackets and boom, that covers everybody! Oh wait, I forgot about Hobie, the son of David Hasselhoff's character. Well he probably just wore his own clothes from home because they had to know that nobody really paid any attention to him anyway!

"GDNY": Jeremy Kyle is like the Simon Cowell of daytime TV - a feisty British guy who tells it like it is… yet is so lovable! It was nice to see a different side of JK as he guest hosted on this show except that no it wasn't! It turns out he's an easy going, charming, intelligent nice guy, and that's no fun to watch at all! Don't quit your day job Jeremy, please!

"The View": Barbara asked Prince three times why he is so shy and she never got a straight answer out of him! Actually I think he did answer the question but he speaks so softly that there was no way you could hear it with five women all trying to ask him questions at once! But who cares why he is so shy, someone should have asked him what the deal was with having a just a symbol for his name at one point. Cuz that's just plain weird!

"GMA": Oh, "GMA"... you get us all excited with a headline about "shocking video of 18-month-old toddler playing with 300-pound gorilla", then reveal that the kid's dad was a primate expert, and the video is over 20 years old! That toddler's a college kid now. Hmm, the whole thing makes me skeptical of your other top stories: "Michael Jackson debuts new 'One Glove' look', and 'See the crazy orange drink astronauts hope to take to the moon, if they ever go there'!

"Live! with Kelly and Michael": Kelly Ripa, Lucy Liu, Penny Marshall. Not exactly a good day for Monday Morning Quarterbacking, is it, Michael Strahan? Oh well. I guess he knew the deal when he took the job… "NFL" these days stands for "Nodding For Ladies". And Michael definitely has a way with women. Except now they get to have their way with him. I sense a makeover on the horizon...

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