Just To Give You An Idea Of How Hard My Job Is…


"Today": Laura Prepon from "That 70's Show" was talking about how she's playing Chelsea Handler on a show called, "Are You There, Chelsea?" that co-stars Chelsea Handler… as a different character. Either I'm confused, or the casting director was!

"Access Hollywood Live": Just to give you an idea of how hard my job is, Richard Simmons gave us about ten minutes worth of material with all of his shenanigans today… and I could only choose a few nuggets! If that's not a glaring reason why this guy needs his own daytime show I don't know what is. Can you imagine? Every day we would laugh, cry and even shed a few pounds. It would be the best show ever!

"Let's Make A Deal": There was a second generation contestant that actually wore the same costume as her mom when she was on with Monty Hall back in 1973. And some day she'll pass that toga down to her daughter so she can make a deal with the next host, Justin Bieber.

"Live! with Kelly": The Situation lucked out when he went "Live" today - he got a guest co-host who knows a thing or two about nicknames in QB Boomer Esiason! Turns out the Boomer has an even better reason than Sitch to nickname it up: his real name is Norman Julius. Would you think twice about doing one of those tackle-thingies on a guy named Norman Julius? Yeah, me neither. And I don't even know how many innings there are in a football match!

"Ellen": Happy January 11th, Ellen! I say that because I know she loves the number 11. She even named her record label 11:11, and did a special show last November, on 11/11/11. It was pretty cool, but not as cool as last July, when it was 7/11. The store on my street gave out free cherry coke Slurpees all month, whenever you showed them you knew the secret signal, and winked at the guy behind the counter! (At least I assume that worked for everyone...)

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