Just Some Cats Strumming A Guitar…


"GMA": Wow, I haven't seen George Stephanopoulos turn that red with embarrassment since Grover from "Sesame Street" tried on one of his suits-- and it fit!(True story. You can look it up!)

"San Diego Living": What did I see on this show today? Oh, nothing… just some cats strumming a guitar, playing a cowbell and riding a skateboard! I know I've been guilty of making fun of crazy cat loving people, but knowing that they can train those kitties to do stuff like this gives me a newfound respect for them. This was the purrr-fect thing to make my day!

"Good Day New York": Man all this talk about Ice-T and Coco made me really thirsty! If only Arnold Palmer, O.J. Simpson and former Miami football coach Larry Coker would have been on, I'd really be dying of thirst! Sadly, I'll most likely just have a Diet Pepsi with my lunch today!

"Live! with Kelly": Okay, I'm hoping with today's debacle behind us, we can finally retire the party game, "Jersey Shore or Bust", where they make Kelly, her co-hosts (Josh Groban, in today's edition), and cast members of the Dirty Jerzz win a contest by popping balloons using front-to-front grinding. And even worse, today was just Jersey Shore gorilla juiceheads: Ronnie, Vinny, and Pauly D! Call it the "Jersey Shore or Bust, Bro-mance edition? I still think Pauly should be disqualified for spiking balloons with his hair.

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