Julia Roberts Doesn’t Like Twitter?


"Today": They had a health segment to warn us about supermarket foods to avoid… but once they brought up pre-made no-crust peanut butter and jelly pies, I just changed the channel, since they are obviously wrong. How could something so pie-shaped and jelly-filled possibly be bad for us? I know, you're welcome.

"GMA": Baby boy wonder in a Batmobile stroller?!?! Somebody pick up the bat phone and call Commissioner Cuteness! He should have no trouble defeating all his eighteen-month arch-rivals: Kitten-woman, Baby Penguin, and the Dribbler. But no Jokers. Clowns make baby Batman cry!

"Access Hollywood Live": We learned that Julia Roberts has never seen a Facebook page and doesn't like Twitter, but she does like the music artist Flo Rida! But I'm sure Flo would be pretty bummed to hear about Julia's lack of Facebook involvement, cuz he could really use another "Like" on his page. The 3,387,455 fans he has at this point just isn't enough!

"Good Day New York": I appreciate that Greg is on a diet and didn't want to eat the four pieces of bread that help make up the "Jetbow" sandwich. But apparently his diet says nothing about eating his weight in cured salted meats like pastrami and corned beef! So whatever diet he's on, sign me up!

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